Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Image series is getting buzz

What’s with all the buzz? I think the artwork looks alright. Maybe these people are reading advance copies and the story is good?  I guess.

f5d8c229-e4aa-4dfd-83f7-bccfbad5ca53DRIFTER REVEALS EARLY ARTWORK
The new dark sci-fi series has the industry abuzz
“Before their untimely deaths, the great Ivan Brandon and Nic Klein produced one final, amazing comic.” —Jonathan Hickman

Image Comics is pleased to reveal early artwork from writer Ivan Brandon (Wolverine,Men of War) and artist Nic Klein (Captain America, Thor), from their new, dark sci-fi series, DRIFTER. The ongoing series will launch with issue #1 on 11/12 and final order cutoff deadline for retailers is 10/20.In DRIFTER, mankind has spread across the universe in a frantic rush to survive and has colonized and strip-mined countless planets in the process. Abram Pollux barely survives a crash landing on Ouro, a lawless backwater world where life is cheap. This world’s unique properties set the stage for a story that combines the dark wonder of a strange and alien landscape with the struggles of an abandoned and lawless frontier town.Praise for DRIFTER:

The Marvel House Of Recycled Idea Part 2

I posted a piece, yesterday, about how Marvel seems to be recycling old event stories. Here are two more:

Armor_Wars_2015Here is one based on the Iron Man Event that ran through his series in the 80s. There was this whole thing where Tony Stark realized that his technology was being used by the bad guys and he goes all emo and tries to stop all of those villains. Here is Wikipedia’s breakdown:
While “Armor Wars” is the popular name for the storyline and is the name used for the trade paperback collection, the actual story is referred to as “Stark Wars” within the issues themselves. The source of the name “Armor Wars” stems from the fact that the storyline was advertised in other Marvel titles with full page ads reading: “TIME FOR THE AVENGER TO START AVENGING. THE ARMOR WAR BEGINS IN IRON MAN #225.” The storyline ran throughIron Man (Vol. 1) #225 (December 1987) to #231 (June 1988), plotted by David Michelinie and Bob Layton with art by Mark Bright, though much of the groundwork for the story itself occurred during Iron Man #219-224. Iron Man encounters the Spymaster, who steals the Stark technology. Iron Man also encounters Force, which sets up the plot of “Armor Wars” in the following issues.
I’m guessing this is somehow going to be some aspect of the plot for the next Iron Man movie though didn’t the first film sort of feel like this?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Recycling the past at Marvel

There’s not much text involved in this. Just pretty pictures.

House_of_M_2015Over here you have House of M, which after I consult Marvel Wikipedia gives me this (third paragraph):

When the Avengers and the X-Men flew to Genosha to check in on Wanda, Professor Xavier disappeared and suddenly the world burned white, to be replaced by a mutant utopia where humans had become the minority ruled under the House of M. No one remembered the world as it had been, except for S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Wolverine and a girl named Layla Miller, who exhibited the ability to unlock people’s subconsciousnesses, reminding them of the world as it had been.

It’s not a bad looking cover. Even if Wolverine is there given the whole Death of Wolverine which, even The Girlfriend roller her eyes at cause the “house of ideas” is not going to give up on their cash-cow, er, wolverine just because some chairman has a beef with 20th Century Fox.

This isn’t the only series announced/hinted at that caught my attention. Another one appears below.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Bitrot Reviews - DC Movie Plan?!?!

Welcome back to another edition of Bitrot Reviews. I have to say that the birthday festivities for both The Girlfriend and myself were pretty awesome. Click here to get a brief tour of what we saw. It was pretty crazy at The Queen Mary but I like what we did. A side note first. There has been a lot of talk about what’s happening with the Warner Bros. slate of DC Comics movies. I didn’t like the Nolan Batman and I hated Snyder’s Man Of Steel. But I’m willing to give some chances to this new stuff even if I find the casting of Ezra Miller as The Flash to be baffling. I wish they would keep continuity between the tv shows. I did like him in Perks Of Being A Wallflower so I’ll give it a chance. Now, for the comics. As always I score on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the very best.

Birthright – Issue 1

(Image Comics)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

All-New (again) Captain America

I just wanted to put this up because of the cover.

A New Hero Takes Flight in ALL-NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA #1!

Can’t go wrong with an Alex Ross cover!
This November, the hero formerly known as the Falcon soars once more, recharged, reborn and reinvigorated in ALL-NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA #1! Originally revealed on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report and seen on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, USA Today, New York Magazine and many, many more – Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside the gorgeous first issue! The blockbuster creative team of Rick Remender and Stuart Immonen take Sam Wilson to new heights as part of Avengers NOW!, as he dons the stars and stripes and steps into the mantle of his closest friend.

Drained of the Super Soldier Serum that gave him his strength, speed and endurance – Steve Rogers is no longer fit to wield the shield. But there must always be a Captain America – and his trusted friend and partner Sam Wilson is ready and able to take the job. With Steve’s son Ian at his side as the new Nomad, he’ll spread his wings as the new star spangled Avenger!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Archie ... and Predator?!?!

I’d say this mash-up is borderline orgasmic. It slops the brain up with goo, making it all slippery-like.

Dark Horse Comics and Archie Comics team up for a bloodbath in Riverdale!

Probably better than the current Aliens cross-over.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: NEW YORK, NY—America’s favorite teen meets the galaxy’s fiercest hunter! Dark Horse Comics and Archie Comics are proud to bring you spring 2015’s hottest crossover: Archie Meets Predator.

With writer Alex de Campi (Grindhouse, Lady Zorro, Smoke/Ashes) at the helm, with artist Fernando Ruiz, things are going to get wild quick.

“In the grand tradition of Archie Meets the Punisher and Archie Meets Kiss, we’re unbelievably excited to partner with Dark Horse to show what happens when the Predator comes to Riverdale,” said Archie Comics publisher/co-CEO Jon Goldwater. “It’s going to be a surprising, energetic, and must-read series, and we’re so glad Alex de Campi and Fernando Ruiz are joining forces to tell this off-the-wall story.”

Friday, October 10, 2014

Dirk Gently is back!?!?

I have hard-covers of both those books! Fun, clever stuff. I hope the comic is the same quality. I’m sure it will be fine under the guidance of IDW Publishing.

IDW Publishing To Bring Douglas Adams’
Dirk Gently’s to Comics

The “Thumping Good Detective-Ghost-Horror-Whodunnit-Time Travel-Romantic-Musical-Comedy-Epic” Will Get His Own Comic Series in 2015

San Diego, CA (October 10, 2014) – In partnership with Ideate Media, IDW Publishing is proud to announce that Dirk Gently will be appearing in his first-ever comic-book series in 2015, helping to prove the interconnectedness of all things, the precept by which Dirk Gently, Douglas Adams’ beloved fictional “holistic detective” lives.

Bitrot Reviews And The Walking Dead return

Welcome back to another action-packed edition of Bitrot Reviews! This is an exciting week, ahead for two big reasons. The first is The Girlfriend’s birthday! We’re celebrating at The Queen Mary on Saturday and we’re doing the Spirit Walk so if you’re there, make sure to say hi. And the second thing is that The Walking Dead returns on Sunday night. Do our heroes getting nibbled on by the crazed cannibals? Or is it something else? Probably the latter. Well, enough of that. On to the reviews. Thirteen (oohh spooky) new releases. As always, titles are scored on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the very best.

The October Faction – Issue 1

(IDW Publishing)

Sort of like The Adams Family.
Let’s kick off the spooky October season with a review of the new series from IDW Publishing by stalwart Steve Niles (30 Days Of Night and Criminal Macabre.) This series seems to be more of the same from the man, and that’s great thing. I’m not quite the fan of 30 Days Of Night as some people are but it certainly has a crazy vibe to it. Now, Criminal Macabre is a whole other thing. I enjoyed the books before I even pick up one of the comics based on the Cal MacDonald character. He’s a mess and a lot of fun. It mashes both supernatural/horror and hard-boiled detective stories. Even the new stuff which is kind of weird is still kind of great. So how about The October Faction?

I kinda think this is somewhere in between the two titles mentioned above. The story is about a family and how they seemed to be a defense against the forces of darkness. But that’s just the surface. The reality is this is a story about a dysfunctional family and all of their foibles. The males in this story get the bulk of the focus and I hope that evens out. The patriarch is a college professor who teaches a class I wish I could have taken back at Kutztown. The son seems to be holding a grudge against former classmates who didn’t seem to like him very much. Both subjects show the horror of the situation. The females get mentioned or are only really interested in what the males are doing. The historical piece was probably the strongest part. The story and characters are fine. The artwork is pretty stellar, much like Niles’ other projects. The covers are great, as well.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Snake Eyes Agent of COBRA ... wait a minute.

I feel like IDW Publishing just did this. There was this whole thing involving Storm Shadow and ninja clan. And Scarlett was hunting him … does anyone remember this?

Snake Eyes Betrays G.I. JOE!

Allegiances Are Questioned In New Miniseries

7675501f-9366-4588-b846-c32b76e140feSan Diego, CA (October 9, 2014) – The fan-favorite G.I. JOE ninja is set to strike out on his own in an all-new series, G.I. JOE: Snake Eyes: Agent of COBRA! Debuting in January of 2015, this series builds upon the acclaimed new G.I. JOE series, released last month. With an exciting creative team and a secretive mission, the stakes have never been higher!

Snake Eyes’ shocking return to the world of G.I. JOEwill see the long-time hero taking on a new role as a member of COBRA! Breaking DESTRO out of prison is just his first stop on this game-changing mission that will pit Snake Eyes directly against the G.I. JOE team led by Scarlett.

“Snake Eyes has been gone from the pages of IDW’s G.I. JOE books for almost two years, so his return alone would make for an incredible story,” says series editor Carlos Guzman. “But Mike’s idea to have him return on the side of Cobra begs so many exciting questions: What could cause Snake Eyes to join the enemy? How could Cobra convince G.I. JOE’s most dangerous warrior to betray his unit? What will G.I. JOE do when they find out the ninja commando has returned… but is now an agent for the villainous organization? There was no doubt that the answers would make this series one of the best G.I. JOE stories ever told!”

IDW and Marvel Partner

This is all great, and what-not. My first question would be … do the artists being spotlighted get participation in this process? It’s swell that Disney is making money off it. And IDW gets some cash. But do Walter Simonson, John Romita, David Mazzucchelli, Gil Kane, John Byrne, and Jim Steranko earn anything from these? It’s not like they need more prestige.

IDW Publishing And Marvel Expand PartnershipWith New Artist’s Editions

San Diego, CA (October 9, 2014) – Today at New York Comic Con, IDW Publishing and Marvel are making the first of several announcements in support of their ever-growing partnership, starting with new Artist’s Editions based on Marvel comics coming in 2015!

96f4ef4f-5125-4893-b745-be9947f116c7“Comic books are one of America’s original art forms,” says David Gabriel, SVP Sales & Marketing.  “With that, IDW has produced a collection of classic Marvel artwork that displays the authentic collaborative efforts between creators and shows just how these comics moved from pencils to inks to press and stepped into American pop-culture.”

IDW Publishing’s award-winning Artist’s Edition line has featured some of Marvel’s best known characters and creators like Walter Simonson’s The Mighty Thor, John Romita’s The Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1 & 2), David Mazzucchelli’s Daredevil Born Again, Gil Kane’s The Amazing Spider-Man, John Byrne’s Fantastic Four, Steranko: Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D and most recently with the Marvel Covers Artist’s Edition. In November, IDW will continue the tradition of bringing the brightest stars of Marvel to the Artist’s Edition line with the release of John Buscema’s Silver Surfer and John Romita’s The Amazing Spider-Man Artifact Edition (Vol. 3) early next year. In 2015, and beyond, IDW and Marvel will partner to add titles and creators that will rightfully take their place among this already illustrious list.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

2014 NYCC Marvel Panels

That S.H.I.E.L.D. panel is probably the highlight with Clark Gregg attending. Otherwise, you can go to the New York Comic Con website for all the publisher’s schedules.

Make Yours Marvel at NYCC With This Awesome Panel Line Up!

nycc_2012_logoGet ready, true believer! Marvel returns to New York Comic-Con 2014, and we’re bringing the biggest and the best to the Big Apple’s biggest convention! The hottest creators, the biggest announcements and more than a few surprises. Head to one of Marvel’s jam packed panels for all the news fans crave about Marvel’s upcoming television series, comic book events and much, much more! If you’ve never experienced a Marvel panel live, you have no idea what you’re missing! Stop by for a Q&A with your favorite creators, heart-stopping announcements and more! Don’t forget to bring a camera!

Plus, the Marvel Booth (Booth #1354) will be the place to be all weekend with live events, creator signings, giveaways, contests and more!

Please note, all guests, times and rooms are subject to change.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Squirrel Girl ... really?

The cover by Art Adams was really caught my attention.

The Marvel Universe Goes Nuts in January’s THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL #1!

Now with more Art Adams!
This January, there’s a new heroine on the block – and the Marvel Universe will never be the same. Prepare yourself for an all-new adventure starring the nuttiest super hero in the world in THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL #1, a new ongoing series from Eisner Award-winning writer Ryan North (Original Sins,Adventure Time) and rising star Erica Henderson!

Wolverine, Dr. Doom, Deadpool, Thanos. What do they have in common? Squirrel Girl has beaten them all! True story. She may not be the most popular hero. She may not even be known by most of the general public. But she loves being Squirrel Girl, loves helping people, and even though they don’t know it, she’s saved the world more times than she can count. But now she faces an enemy unlike any she’s ever faced before – college!

“The first arc kicks off with Squirrel Girl moving into campus, and then confronting Kraven the Hunter who is cheesed off at squirrels for reasons that will be revealed,” says series writer Ryan North, in an interview with Marvel.com. “It’s like a stand-alone adventure where we get to see the kind of life she’s trying to have, and then that all gets thrown for a loop when someone even more powerful than Kraven shows up.”

A Brand New Groo!

I’m a long-time fan of this series. I know Derek is a fan, as well. He practically geeked out over the Groo/Conan crossover. This should be a lot of fun.



New ongoing Groo series coming in 2015!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: NEW YORK, NY—In time for New York Comic Con, Dark Horse announces a new ongoing Groo series brought to you by the award-winning team of Sergio Aragonés and Mark Evanier.

Cheese Dip!
Cheese Dip!
Each month of this yearlong series, Groo and his faithful pooch, Rufferto, encounter a different acquaintance—or enemy—with the usual dire consequences!

In issue #1, Groo crosses paths with Captain Ahax, the seaman with the world record for most ships sunk by the all-time stupidest character in comics.

Eisner-winning letterer Stan Sakai and colorist Tom Luth round out this all-star team.

Groo: Friends and Foes #1 is on sale January 21, 2015. Preorder your copy today.

Praise for Sergio Aragonés and Mark Evanier’s Groo:

“[Aragonés’s] style is so established, cartoony, and consistent that there’s never a doubt that you’ll get anything but pure magic out of him.”—Multiversity Comics

“Longtime Groo fans will find a lot to love here.”—Newsarama

Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Wicked + The Divine : Four issues in...

The Wicked + The Divine (1-4) by Gillen McKelvie (and art by Wilson Cowles). The concept is this : 12 Gods are restored to life on earth, for a mere two years, and then die, only to be reborn 90 years later when the cycle repeats. 12 gods from different legends and pantheons ranging from ancient Mesopotamia to fundamentalist Christianity. In 1923, the gods apparently committed an orchestrated suicide by bomb, only to arrive in Brockley, South London, 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 8.51.11 AMWe begin at a concert, where a young girl, Laura, is entranced by her favorite artist, a returned goddess named Amaterasu. Amaterasu knocks the concertgoers out with theatrics, literally, and Laura is woken up by Lucifer in a waiting area. McKelvie’s Lucifer is dead on – a determined business woman who looks an awful lot like Portia De Rossi in “Better Off Ted.” While Amaterasu gives an interview outlining the purpose of the gods, an interesting reveal is that these gods seem to possess mortal bodies during their incarnations. I infer then that these helpless mortals will be the true casualties when the gods move ahead another ninety years.

The plot begins when snipers blast through the windows of Amaterasu’s penthouse apartment during the interview, trying to kill several of the gods in attendance. Lucifer takes them out instead, exploding their heads from across the street, and then landing in police custody. Next, Lucifer screws with the sentencing judge, blowing apart his head with a snap of her fingers. But in that instant, she realizes she didn’t kill the judge, someone else had fulfilled her threat and framed her. Lucifer is dragged off to jail.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Bitrot Reviews - Japanese Schools

Welcome back to another edition of Bitrot Reviews. We appear to be done with the Futures End special columns, though that story is still ongoing.  We’ve still got a solid week of releases including several with comments from The Girlfriend. Don’t forget that Saturday is 24 Hour Comic Day. For those of you not familiar, take a look at this blog. Essentially, it’s a challenge for creative types to create and entire comic book in 24 hours. It’s quite a challenge and you can participate as well. As always,  issues are scored on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the very best.

Usagi Yojimbo Senso - Issue 3 (of 6)

(Dark Horse Comics)

Wild Horses
It’s not just because of my love for this wonderful series Usagi Yojimbo that I’ve got this review at the front of everything. I, also, do this to keep reminding everyone of creator Stan Sakai’s situation with his wife’s health and the charitable events running to help with her costs.  I’ve met Mr. Sakai and he was gracious and his work continues to move me and I think it’s worth your time. I can’t stress enough how good the Usagi Yoyimbo series is. Everyone should be reading this series. It’s that good.

As for this issue of this future focused mini-series, the prognosis is pretty great. Mashing all of the characters and dangling plot issues into a homage of War Of The Worlds has been surprising tense. And, I’ll not ruin things with a spoiler but a major character dies in this issue. We’ve grown accustomed to the key players being so much better than the rest that they usually make it through and this made me sad. A sad, sad moment for a warrior. Honestly, there appear to be two other deaths of significant characters but this was major. The battles have been harrowing and it’s mostly their resourcefulness that is keeping things manageable.