Thursday, January 3, 2013

Good-bye to The Walrus

Do you remember these:

"It's my fault that the players weren't prepared for this team."


"I didn't put them into position to win."

Classics. I practically miss them, already. It took me a few days to get here. It felt like the past three months he had one foot out the door but it wasn't until Monday, December 31st that Andy Reid, the Head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles since 1999, was fired.

It may not actually be that he was fired, but he was relieved of his responsibilities as coach. And that other thing that allowed him complete control of the players. He still has one year left on his contract and he;s due 6 million.

However, I guess that's waived if he signs with some other team. As I type this, there is a serious rumor he's about the sign with Kansas City. Yesterday, Arizona was in serious talks to sign him. In fact, he's supposed to interview there tomorrow. And there is all of the talk of him ending up in San Diego, where he keeps a home.

Where ever he ends up, that team will get a very, very good coach. Sure, he's not quite a GREAT coach. The lack of a Super Bowl ring with Philly (he did get one in Green Bay) keeps him from that rarified air. Still, he's the most successful coach in Eagles history by wins in regular season and playoffs. He has the second best record among active coaches during his term (Patriot's coach has a better %.) And he was longest with one team on the past 15 years.

However, there are a couple of warnings for other teams:

1. He really needs time off. I lead with this because he needs time off. His oldest son, Garrett, died in training camp. Not like natural causes but steroids were found in his room and he had a history with heroin. When Garrett died, we all thought he would take time off. He didn't. Forget the Eagles. He needed to mourn. This is indicative of how he ignored both his children, who both served time for drug possession while he was coach. Andy needs to get his house in order.

2. On to coaching things. Andy has a plan. He came into Philly with a 7 year plan. It worked pretty well. 4 NFC championships and 1 Super Bowl loss was what we got. Pretty good. Not perfect but solid. Thing is, he stayed for 14 years. Those last 7 were nuts. He didn't have a plan for those and it showed. McNabb/Kolb/VICK. Vick. Juan Castillo. He broke all his rules and he paid for it.

3. Andy's ego may be bigger than he is. He wants control and doesn't want to listen to people. Like the fans. The one time he did, we got Terrell Owens and the best year in Eagles' history. We wanted harmony afterwards and he didn't give it to us. The wheels quickly came off the car.

4. Andy's weight is mentioned above. It's still an issue. He's a big boy. And I've long worried about it. I hope we don't see him die during a game.