Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Release Reviews For Dark Horse Comics, for 6 February, 2013

Welcome back to another edition of New Release Reviews for Dark Horse Comics. This is an excellent week. Nothing is bad and everything is work, at least, a good look. Hellboy should go home with everyone. He might even buy you dinner, first. As always … titles are scored on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the very best possible. We take the time to read these books so your time isn't wasted.

Colder - Issue 4

The title of this series is starting to make sense. It has a connection to the lead's powers and the effects it has on him. It, also, has a connection to the emotional aspects of the story. Which isn't the best thing. There is a cold, clinical detachment the reader feels at times. The mystery is so abstract and the action is most as though viewed from a distance.

The story has a stuttery pace to it, and this adds to the cold feeling. There is menace to what's occurring but it's hard to care about the characters. There isn't much to connect to. The cover is outstanding as it's moody and created with great design. The interior is just as excellent, especially in the coloring which is very subtle.

Score: 8 out of 10

Star Wars Dark Times : Fire Carrier - Issue 1 (of 5)

As news continues to flow out of Disney about their plans for more Star Wars movies in the coming years, Dark Horse continues to publish comics about that universe and they tend to fall into either the really awesome or the really lame. So far, there has been very little in middle. This new miniseries seems to be the exception.

Typically, the quality is directly related to the amount of Jedi present and how alien the characters are. The more there are, the less enjoyable they are. The more aliens present, the less relatable.  This one has quite a few of both in it, but it somehow isn't awful.

Much of this is because the underlying story is pretty universal. It deals with individuals who are displaced and outsiders trying to right themselves. And the subject of refugees from war is something many can visualize, instead of just intergalactic religion and politics.

Even the bad guys aren't all bad as the empire is so massive and people are having to make decisions on the fringe. Not bad. The cover is solid, and dramatic, with obvious skill. The interior artwork is solid. There's detail in there and most of the characters are easily identified.

Score: 7.5 out of 10

Alice In Wonderland - Original Graphic Novel

This is an excellent, manga adaptation of the Lewis Carroll classic Alice's Adventure In Wonderland. It's a bright, fun, and silly graphic novel that reads very quickly. The artwork is expressive, and slightly moody. The layouts are fine and pacing matches with very pleasing coloring.
Fine for all ages.

Score: 8 out of 10

Hellboy : In Hell - Issue 3

Family. Hellboy is about family. Hellboy has always been about the family that he made and was made around him as he avoided his destiny. Unfortunately, Hellboy died and his destiny caught up with him and his "biological" family showed up. The word was in quotes because he is a creature from the bowels of hell.

And his family is really messed up. Much like hell which has descended into chaos due to a lack of leadership. Hellboy's family is crazy and the infighting was epic. Even the sudden change in the dynamics made it no less crazy. The cover is classic, and moody. The interior matches this, though is a bit abstract at times. Still, it's generally amazing.

Score: 9.5 out of 10

Willow - Issue 4 (of 5)

This is the penultimate issue of this series and, overall, it was a bit slow as it was mostly an internal struggle by Willow. Regardless, it was still an extremely poignant struggle. It had a lot of honest, tender moments involving mature relationships.

The only knock is that the ending demanded the reader be very knowledgeable about the Buffy universe. The interior artwork is lovely in a soft way that is perfect for the tone of this story. The covers are excellent and David Mack's cover is beyond stunning in quality.

Score: 8.5 out of 10