Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Veronica Mars - Kickstarter Update 2 (of 4)

Here are a few more updates that I've been slow to get to. Maybe one more today. If I don't I'll amend this to be 2 (of 4) because there are more notes.

Update # 15 was about a party being held last Friday in Austin. Rob was going to be there celebrating the close of the Event.


Update #16 was one of the pleading events. Rob was fixated on this number of 87,143 which was the record number of backers for any prior Kickstarter and how he wanted to beat that number. I'm not clear if it was a pride thing or it was a way for him to motivate people to give and for some to give again.

Some things changed in the premium department. There was a way to add money and then not have to choose from the Tshirts. I think for 10 bucks more, you could get both. And he's quick to remind these shirts won't be sold. Though, I'm sure WB will figure out a way to do something with the designs.

Also, there was a link to the video promo they did with some of the cast at the start of this. Though, apparently there was a new cut of it. Kind of silly but the bit is funny.


Update #17 w/Video Update about 4 days left. I didn't bother with the screen grab of the update because the video has way more in it.

Austin must have been rocking.