Thursday, April 18, 2013

Veronica Mars - Kickstarter Update 3 (of 4)

This is another update for this now finished Kickstarter fund. I've expanded it to four entries as there was another update, yesterday. Pretty exciting stuff.

The first is update #18 which covered two topics. The first was that Rob and the cast were taking their show to Comiccon International in San Diego. Honestly, I didn't even think that this was worth mentioning. I mean, wasn't it obvious that they were going to go? Most projects with followings like this end up there. It just seemed like a no-brainer. Maybe they need their own convention. Marshmallow-Con?

The other point to this was that they added more tickets/seats to the Los Angeles and New York premieres. This, too, didn't seem all that surprising. I mean, I'm guessing these won't be "premiere" premieres as Warner Bros isn't going to give up all those tickets to the great unwashed. I'm guessing they'll be more like preview screenings but with talent. As has been consistent through this process, these tickets were gone almost instantly.


Update #19 with Video Update about getting to 5 million dollars and some more premiums. The 5 million thing is pretty cool as it means they're over 2 times what the original amount was for and it shows Warner Bros that there is a market for this product. Secretly, I think I'd prefer they make 5 or 6 episodes instead of one movie. Do something with some more substance and make it a little long-form. Except that, as I've written, I don't believe any of this money will go towards productions. All the backers will end up getting more premiums is my belief.

This update also mentioned two more premiums (see.) The first one is that everyone who contributed will be named on the movie  web-site. I'm guessing unless they opt out which might be offered. I think the final total was over 91K so good luck reading all of that.

The second premium are stickers being made in support. They're kind of cool in their own way. The one is Veronica in the cars (sans Backup ... Pooch heaven?) that is being used on one of the Tshirts. I think this is the official design for the movie. Another is a declaration of helping to bring back Veronica Mars in film form. Sort of a Red Badge Of Courage.

The other two are the cool ones, and my girlfriend and I are already jockeying for who gets them. Oh yes, I'm sure I'm sharing these with her. The one is the logo for Neptunes sports teams, the Pirates. I don't like it as much as the logo for Mars Investigators which is awesome. And it makes me wonder if Vinnie Van Lowe will make an appearance.


Update #20 was more about Comiccon. Apparently there is going to be a party there, with a hint of a Comiccon premium. The also talk about a panel that will show some footage and some hint that contributors will get preferential treatment in getting in.