Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Veronica Mars - Kickstarter update pat 1 (of 4)

At lot has changed since my last update. Blogger seems to have some trouble with too many attachments so I'm going to split these up. It's been a lot of fun witnessing and being part of one of the biggest Kickstarter campaigns ever. Some grouse that this only got as much attention as it did because it was based upon a television show.

To that, I'd counter why other shows haven't done this? I think it's because of the cult following and fan-friendly aspects of the creative. I've got a few screen grabs from a couple of updates as well as my insightful commentary.


Update #12 came on April 4th. Mostly this was to show a sample of a scene creator Rob Thomas was working on. It was snarky but added very little other than to confirm that Veronica was in Neptune. And people still didn't like her.

Oh, and there is an official Twitter handle of @veronicamars which you can follow. Let me know if anyone follows this.

And, you can follow me on Twitter, as well. I'm @zacharyhunchar and I try to update fairly regularly.


This update came on April 5th reminding everyone that there was one week left to fund the campaign. Rob told us that the campaign was over 4.5 million dollars which was very exciting as the original goal was only 2 millions. He talked about how it was the fastest to 1 million and then the fastest to 2 million. It's funny to think that both of those things happened within the first day or so.

Most importantly, the update mentioned that the script's first pass was complete. This is a good thing because it suggests that this thing sis still going to happen. And now that they were more than 2.5 million over their goal, the movie was going to be bigger. I doubt that the Bollywood dance number is going to happen. I don't think it was going to happen anyway.

Though, as I've said before, I believe that they aren't going to use this money to fund the film. I can't see Warner Bros (or the bond company) letting that happen. Too much weirdness with rights issues and royalties.


The next update was a T-shirt Update. As some of you know, one of the premiums being included was a Tshirt for every backer that contributed over a certain amount.

Rob had a few comments:

MATERIALS: Both t-shirts are black, and are incredibly soft, beautiful materials. (They will be ringspun cotton-poly blends, for the discerning t-shirt enthusiasts among you.) These aren't going to be those cheap cardboard t-shirts you get for completing a 5K and never wear again in your life. These are the real deal.
EXCLUSIVE TO BACKERS: As promised, these designs are only available to you, our backers. After the Kickstarter campaign ends, these designs will never be offered again, ensuring you get the exclusive and stylish apparel you deserve.

MINOR VARIATIONS FOR EUROPE: This will sound a little bit strange, but just so you know what you're getting, the t-shirts for backers in Europe might be slight variations. Through the mysterious wonders of trademark law, we actually might not be able to use the words "Veronica Mars" on them. But they'll still be awesome, we promise. (I'll keep you posted on this as we find out more.)

CHOOSING YOUR SHIRT: You'll each get your choice of t-shirt designs. After the Kickstarter drive ends next week, and we have a little time to organize all of the information we get, we'll get in touch with all of our backers and collecting the required information (which design, what size, etc). This could take us a little while, since we'll have more than 70,000 backers to contact, but we'll keep you posted on when you can expect to hear from us.

Here is one of the Tshirt designs. I don't like the front and back one as it just has a weird design quality to it.

Rob's comments:

The second design we're calling Mini-Blinds. The pictures might not do complete justice to how awesome the design is, but as you can see, It's printed on two sides. And if you look at the closeup of the camera lens, which is peeking between the blinds on the back of the shirt, you'll see a little nod to this whole Kickstarter adventure. 

This one is better as it is more traditional. It's still not a great design but that's not why I signed up. I want the movie which I'm sure will be great.

Rob's comments:

The first is what we're calling our California Noir. It's what Jason is wearing in this first photo below. You can see the design a little bit better in the close up, but it's an awesome new shot of your favorite detective, doing what she does best.