Thursday, May 9, 2013

Activism emails meet ... Marvel Comics?

I've received an email from the Sierra Club about protecting wolverine. It's a serious topic, here, at TPTWCC but we thought we'd tie it in to what we're really about. Comics and junk.

Help wolverines survive!

Wolverines are the heart and soul of the North Cascades and the Rocky Mountains, with their frost-resistant fur, small frame, and big attitude. Until recently, they had been completely wiped out from the lower 48 states -- lost to hunting, trapping, and development.
But wolverines aren't known as scrappy survivors for nothing -- they're making a comeback. And this time, they need your help to survive.
They still face great challenges: Experts estimate that only 300 wolverines are left in all of the lower 48. For this reason, they should be listed by the federal government as a "threatened" species, which would offer protections that would help them with their comeback.
Tell the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to list wolverines as "threatened" and take other steps to help these survivors make their comeback.
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