Monday, June 10, 2013

Dark Horse Single Issues releasing June 12, 2013

Breath of Bones -A Tale of the Golem
This story takes place during WWII, in a European village which sent all its young men to fight the Germans, leaving behind the elderly, the women, and children. A British RAF fighter is downed, attracting the unwanted attention of the invading enemy Germans. The villagers turn to old alchemical magic -  a Golem - as their last line of defense.  Although not the most unique of storylines, this was a very solid, well-paced introductory issue, and I look forward to the next installment.

Killjoys Issue #01
This beginning issue was tres cool. Reminded me of the eccentricities of Tank Girl using the evolved language of Burgess' A Clockwork Orange. Near-future superheroes who fight in a desert wasteland, in gangs like The Road Warrior. What I like most about this is the world-building - you can tell so much back story and so many ephemeral details have already been worked out, and we readers are going to get exquisitely teased each issue with some new tidbit about the inhabitants of this strange world. Definitely a title to pick up this week!

X Issue #2
The mystery man X is out for revenge against the mob. A nosy blogger has discovered X, and challenged him to talk in public about his motivations. Meanwhile, X goes after a prime target...
I've read Issue #0 and Issue #2 now, and so far the story isn't going too deep into the root of X's revenge-seeking antics. I've a feeling that is going to change pretty soon. I'd be willing to stick with this a little longer, but I think its got to start picking up the pace soon.

Other Dark Horse titles releasing this week include: Star Wars Issue #06, Black Beetle #4, Buffy Season 9 Issue #22. I'm not well-versed in the Star Wars universe and have a lot of catching up to do before I could attempt to post something. However, I'm curious about the Black Beetle, and hope to get up to speed on that soon - maybe before the trade paperback comes out!