Monday, June 17, 2013

Dark Horse Single Issues Releasing June 19, 2013

Baltimore - The Inquisitor
I'm finally getting the hang of this storyline. It has an interesting premise - a second Inquisition has been authorized by the Catholic Church to eradicate monsters from Earth. The Inquistors are men who believe themselves to be purified, and uncorruptible by evil. Our hero, Baltimore, is believed to be as evil as the monsters he's hunting, and naturally, the Inquisitors want to have a little chat with him... I'm intrigued about where this is going.  I recommend purchasing this.

BRPD: Hell On Earth - Issue #108
Another solid chapter of BRPD. When the only mode of transportation is horseback, you know the shit's hit the fan. Hellboy's world is in trouble and its getting grim. As a longtime fan of the Weird movement, and as a comics reader, its fulfilling to realize Mignola and Arcudi are unleashing a seriously kickass Lovercraftian invasion. I can't wait to go back to my back issues and get fully caught up on the entire run of BRPD so far. Purchase!

Captain Midnight - Issue #0
Wait a minute, this premise seems awfully familiar. A masked hero from WWII come back to life? There are some interesting deviations - Captain Midnight's aerodynamic and engineering genius and temperamental personality, for example - but I can't help drawing comparisons to another very famous comic book character that's been around a lot longer. Unfortunately, the shadow of that other character is just too much to convince me to buy into this series. I would pass on this.

Conan The Barbarian - Issue #17
Liking the plotline of a Barbarian King in love with a Pirate Queen, but is it me or does Conan pine too much? He's on the bleeding edge of being unmanly, any further and Robert E. Howard would spasm in his grave. This issue also seems to have a bit of Twilight Zone transitioning happening, hard to tell if time is actually elapsing or if Conan is fantasizing about a potential future. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Issue #17 is a maybe for me, and that's only because I enjoyed the Queen of the Black Coast storyline. 

Richard Corben's The Fall Of The House of Usher - Issue #02
Conclusion to the 2-part story featuring risque living paintings, and batshit-insane incestual motives. It makes me wonder if old Edgar Poe was really this nutty. I kinda wish this reinterpretation had been done in the old Heavy Metal heyday, where the Corben could be allowed to go as hardcore with his art and plot as he wanted, instead of this buttoned-up version. Don't get me wrong, I loves me some Richard Corben. This material is primo, the art is awesome, but I wish it was even more morally wrong than it already is. Aw hell, just buy this and add it to your Corben treasure-trove.

Other issues releasing this week: Dream Thief Issue #02, Dark Horse Presents Issue #25, and Star Wars - Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin.