Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dark Horse Single Issues Releasing June 26th, 2013

BPRD: Vampire - Issue #04
This mini-series is steadily building into a satisfying tale. The artwork by Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon continues to be elegant. The story involves an offshoot case from the early years of the Bureau, where Dr. Trevor Bruttenholm has allowed the troubled Agent Simon Anders to venture deep into Eastern Europe to find the hidden location vampires use to worship the dark goddess Hecate. Clearly, he's found the location and bad things are afoot. After this issue, I'm looking forward to the conclusion in Issue #05. I recommend this as a purchase to add to your Hellboy books.

King Conan: Hour Of The Dragon - Issue #02
Written by Timothy Truman, as an adaptation of Robert E. Howard's only full-length Conan novel. First things first, I am totally digging the art by Tomas Giorello from both issues so far. Second, I appreciated the interior note that the entire novel will be adapted as two mini-series, the Hour of the Dragon, and The Conqueror. I'll be anxiously awaiting both. One thing that is immediately obvious is the "voice" of the narrative, and I instantly draw comparisons between this tale and the newer stories like Queen of the Black Coast. My preference leans toward the more classic interpretation, for example the earlier Phoenix On the Sword mini-series by this same team. After reading the illustrated adaptation, I went back to the books and read the original short story, and I hope I'll be able to do the same with this novel one day. I recommend this as a purchase this week.


The Massive - Issue #13
Written by Brian Wood. I'm working on getting caught up on the backlog of this title. Meanwhile, the coastlines of America are underwater, due to global warming. NYC is supposed to be abandoned, but there seem to be an awful lot of nefarious people interested in what still goes on in the exposed skyscrapers. All that sounds enticing, but I'm afraid the plot is plodding along, thirteen issues in. I'm not getting the sense of an action plot, instead this seems like a bit of an enviromentalist's soap opera. I'm on the fence with this issue, want things to pick up.

Mind MGMT Issue #12
More mind-boggling spy vs spy who may or may not be able to blow up goats with their minds.  This wide-ranging tale breathes more comfortably in graphic novel form, in my opinion. It seems like torture to wait another month between chapters.  I'd make this a purchase this week.

Other titles releasing this week: Akaneiro - Issue #02, Amala's Blade - Issue #03, Angel & Faith (Season 9) - Issue #23,  Last Of Us - Issue#03.