Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Image Comics Single Issues Releasing June 19, 2013

It Girl - Issue #11
Comte de St. Germain? My interior geek is saddened that this was not timed to go to press alongside the recent Warehouse 13 episode featuring the same infamous alchemist. Also, since its been many moons since I last read Mike Allred's original stint on this title, I'm a little bummed he's not doing the art on it at the moment, save for some cover/pinup work. Overall, this was a fairly light-hearted title. Hipster superheroics, I'd call it. Its a decent buy this week.

Mara - Issue #05
I liked the notion of a superhero who doesn't care about international borders. And why should a superhero care about mortal trappings when she is godlike? Its a valid point, and I'm glad the writer is embracing that angle. Its a bit self-involved, though, so I can't say this is a story really. It feels like a moment of therapy, "dealing" as they say, sharing that inner monologue with the world. I hope that some real action takes place next issue. Again, decent buy for now, curious to see where it goes, but if the story devolves into a lot of selfish drama, I'm out.

Miniature Jesus - Issue #03
More insane monologues, better rendered artwork than previous miniseries, but largely incomprehensible plotline. More artsy than usual McKeeverisms. I THINK HE BOUGHT A DOG, and really likes drawing it. Honestly, when I see the other graphic novels created by Ted McKeever listed in the back pages, I'm not so sure this one's up to snuff.  Its a pass for me this week.

 It's a pretty full week for Image titles. Also available: Moriarty, Revival Issue #11, Saga TPB Vol. 2, Witchblade Issue #167, Invincible Issue #103, and Mind The Gap Issue #11. I know there's a lot of love for Saga, and I'm trying to get caught up on that so I can be more objective in the future.