Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dark Horse Single Issues Releasing August 14th, 2013

Breath Of Bones - Issue #3
In the final issue of the inkwashed WWII tale, we finally see the promise of the earthen Golem made real. The story ends predictably, but it is a welcome sight to see the the creature beat the tar out of the blatantly evil Nazi forces threatening the innocent Old European village. Certainly there could have been more ominous events in the story, more tragedy and trauma were possible, but in a way, I'm glad the story remained fairly innocent and 'black and white', because the real history of WWII is tragic enough.  The one thing that bothers me is that I have no idea what happened to the downed fighter pilot that started it all. He seemed to vanish from the story after Page 2, never to be seen again. That's a big plot hole, in my mind. Overall, if you've already been collecting the issues, buy this issue on Wednesday.

Ex SanguineTrade Paperback
I didn't catch up on the individual issues, but I found the collected version a well-paced diversion. Its got its Law & Order vibe, mixed with a vampire and wanna-be sexy Hannibal Lecter.  The story is also reminiscent of Charlie Huston's tres cool Joe Pitt vampire novels. Worth picking up.

Killjoys - Issue #03
I still find the Anthony Burgess-esque world-building of this violent little series really fascinating. Although I'm also ready to up the ante for all the major characters, and look forward to seeing some bigger moves in the next few issues. I'd recommend you keep following along for a bit.

Resident Alien - Issue #00
This issue collects several of the shorts originally appearing in the Dark Horse Presents anthologies. Its not a bad story, "The Suicide Blonde", except there's no sign of a literal blonde anywhere within. I do think the art is accomplished and possesses a kind of Dave Gibbons look to the characters' faces and expressions. The expressions really do help tell the story - that's something I wish more artists would try to do. This issue alone is setting up the framework for a retelling of the E.T. trope, complete with Men In Black tracking down the eponymous hero.  There's no conclusion to this issue, so I'm presuming a continuing series is in the works. Not a bad effort, decent buy if you're wanting to start off collecting the series.

Star Wars - Issue #8
I think I've said this in a prior review of the series, but I think the artwork is fantastic, and really brings the original Star Wars characters to life. Plot-wise, it moves along at a steady pace, is laced with bits of humor, just as the original Star Wars film and the superior sequel Empire Strikes Back had in their stories. Definitely a buy this week if you're following along.

X - Issue #4
Looks like Issue 4 is the end of this particular arc. The story retains its gritty violence all the way to the end, and still denies the reader the satisfaction of a proper reveal of X's identity. The story in all four issues has been a bleaker version of vigilante-style Batman, but something's missing, something that makes X a bit more mean and soulless than the Dark Knight. Perhaps being soulless is the intent of the X character all along, in the same way Tim Vigil's Faust was meant to be a bloody (and depraved) mockery of suited superheroes of the Eighties. I'm looking for rationale, for motive, for a reason to root for X to continue his gory revenge spree, and in this book I find those things to be lacking, just like the finale of Faust. I'm not entirely sold on the conclusion of this arc, so its a maybe-buy for me this week.

Also releasing this week: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9 - Issue #24, Halo: Insurrection - Issue #01