Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Releases from Dark Horse for August 28th, 2013

Itty Bitty Hellboy - Issue#01
Kooky stuff.  A very lighthearted look at the characters of the Mignolaverse, rendered in a Peanuts art-style. I had fun reading this, and then I wanted to try it out on my two kids. My eight year-old was instantly enthralled. My eleven year-old needed some encouragement, but when he finally pried his eyeballs away from his latest Lego masterpiece, he giggled at the Itty Bitty Hellboy concept. So, it looks like my case of arrested development wasn't far off the mark!  I'd say this is a buy, if you're wanting to get in touch with your inner child.

Captain Midnight - Issue #02
Now for another perspective. I handed this issue off to a real-live fighter pilot, and asked him what he thought of Captain Midnight. His initial instinct was why would a fighter pilot wear such a ridiculous outfit?  He also pointed out a slight technical detail - there is an exchange on page 15, where a man is called "private". First thing, there are no 'privates' in the Navy - 'private' is an Army rank. Second, on a ship with the stature of the USS Ronald Reagan, it would be unlikely that there would be very many men at the rank of 'seaman', because they would have been apprenticed to other ships during their enlistment. Lastly, my 'guest' reviewer agreed with me that many of the details of the plot were derivative of other comic stories.  I'm still not on board with this title, so I'm not recommending it as a buy this week.

King Conan - Hour of the Dragon - Issue #04
This was my favorite issue of the week.  Personally, I find this adaptation of the Robert E. Howard story to be much more authentic than the Brian Wood storyline happening in that other Conan book. The art is gorgeous, the vibe is meaner than a rattlesnake, and the sense of urgency is full-throttle. Clearly, the creative team here are hellbent on producing a masterpiece. As with every issue of Hour of the Dragon so far, this is worth buying.

Station To Station - Oneoff
This issue collects a series of shorts from Dark Horse Presents #19 - 21. I had not read the initial installments, but when collected into a single issue, I found it to be kinda cool. Scientists, dinosaurs, weird giant aliens, scientists riding pterodactyls, yeah I can get behind that kind of thing. My only wish is that I could see a master like Mark Schultz handling some of the art - even if it was just a cover! But, don't get me wrong, Gabriel Hardman does a very nice job as well, from a more photo-realistic perspective.  Interesting comic, I'd recommend it as a buy this week.

Also releasing on Wednesday: Star Wars Legacy - Issue #06, Angel and Faith - Issue#25,  Mind MGMT - Issue #14, The Massive - Issue #15, Mass Effect - Foundation - Issue #02