Sunday, October 6, 2013

A response to my review of Sex Criminals

Last week, I posted a review for Image Comics where I reviewed the new series Sex Criminals. I mentioned that I gave the copy to my girlfriend, Erica, to read and offer her comments. She gave me permission to show her response exactly as it was sent.

So the story was alright--it moved.  At certain moments I felt that it was trying too hard--like the "the jokes are coming" references.  I thought it was unnecessary and there weren't any actual jokes.  It just came off as--please, please like me.

I wasn't to keen on the art. 

As for the sex, the writer doesn't really understand how women's organisms work.  And typically it isn't easy to get to the first time.  So, I felt that his description was superficial.

I did find the glowing penis amusing at the end.  

Ouch! The "please, please like me" comment is going to set Matt Fraction's therapy back a bit.

We had a little discussion about why I liked the art and I pointed out that I read a lot of comics for these reviews and it's very refreshing given so many other series have art this is more about action than human interaction. Plus I think the colors are nice.

We need more feed-back from Erica. And all of you. Feel free to send your comments in and we'll be happy to give you shouts outs.